23 September 2023

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Why We Don’t Buy the TVs We Review: Explained

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Why We Don’t Buy the TVs We Review: Explained

One of the most frequently asked questions in the tech review industry is why reviewers don’t buy the products they review, especially when it comes to TVs. In this article, we will explore the various reasons behind this common practice.

Firstly, logistics play a significant role. Shipping, receiving, storage, and insurance all pose challenges for reviewers. TVs are large and require ample space to store them. Reviewers often have limited studio space, making it impractical to keep multiple TVs at once. It’s also not feasible to rent a storage unit solely for this purpose.

Additionally, shipping the TVs after reviewing them presents its own set of difficulties. Reviewers need to find suitable recipients for the TVs, such as secondary buyers, auction winners, charities, or contest winners. The process of arranging and ensuring the safe delivery of the TVs adds to the overall time and cost burden.

Speaking of cost and time, it becomes clear why reviewers opt not to purchase the products they review. Coordinating logistics, managing shipments, and handling all the processes involved in selling the TVs require dedicated personnel. This would be a full-time job that carries a significant financial burden. Reviewers would need to eat the cost of each TV purchased for review and resold, including the expenses associated with shipping and insurance.

Considering the number of TVs reviewed annually, the costs quickly add up. To give some perspective, it is estimated that a reviewer would need to spend at least $85,000 a year to buy and resell the TVs. Additionally, unexpected issues and the expectation of customer support further complicate this approach. Reviewers simply do not have the resources, time, or expertise to offer the level of service expected from a retailer.

Ultimately, the prevailing business model in the industry relies on TV brands providing review samples to reviewers. Reviewers act as intermediaries, testing and evaluating the products before they hit the market. This arrangement allows reviewers to focus on what they do best while leaving logistics, costs, and customer support to the TV brands.

So, the next time you wonder why reviewers don’t buy the TVs they review, be aware of the practical and financial limitations they face. The current system ensures efficiency, allowing reviewers to provide valuable insights without the burden of managing logistics and costs.

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