26 September 2023

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Harbin Red Sausages Thrive on Innovation and Digital Transformation

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Harbin Red Sausages Thrive on Innovation and Digital Transformation


Harbin red sausages, a beloved local delicacy in northeast China, have been delighting campers and food enthusiasts with their smoky flavor and constantly improved flavors and services. These sausages, which have a history dating back over a century, are cured and smoked pork sausages that originated from the sausage workshops in Harbin. The authentic Harbin red sausages have a purplish red color and a wrinkled surface. The curing process involves smoke curing via stoves, which imparts the desired flavor, color, and aroma to the sausages. The technique of smoke curing with hardwood is crucial for achieving the unique characteristics of Harbin red sausages and requires years of experience to master.

In recent years, local producers of Harbin red sausages have focused on digital transformation to improve production efficiency. The production procedures have been combined with digitization and workmanship to streamline processes and enhance quality. Harbin Churin leaderfoods Co., Ltd., a leading producer of Harbin red sausages, has successfully implemented digital management and precise control over production and sales. Leveraging big data, the company has developed flavors that cater to the demands of consumers. Their “zero starch” series, featuring black pepper crispy bone sausages and spicy crayfish sausages, has gained popularity among customers.

To meet customer preferences, Harbin Dazhong Roulian Food Co., Ltd. has also been innovating its red sausage products. The company has developed sausages with no fat, lower garlic content, and refreshing flavor. In addition, they have placed smoke curing stoves in their specialty shops to produce red sausages on-site, making it a unique experience for travelers. Currently, the company has over 400 specialty shops across China.

The digital transformation and continuous innovation in the production of Harbin red sausages have contributed to their popularity and success, ensuring that the tradition of enjoying these flavorful sausages continues for generations to come.

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