24 September 2023

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Xencelabs Pen Display 24: Empowering Artists with Intuitive and Personalized Digital Drawing Tools

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Xencelabs Pen Display 24: Empowering Artists with Intuitive and Personalized Digital Drawing Tools

Xencelabs, a global digital drawing company, in collaboration with professional artists, has developed the Pen Display 24 to revolutionize the creative industry. This flagship product offers a drawing experience that mimics the feel of drawing on paper, with its glass screen providing just the right amount of friction. The pressure curve of the Pen Display 24 is highly responsive, allowing designers to express their unique strokes and style on the digital canvas.

Xencelabs, founded in 2019 professionals from various artistic disciplines, aims to facilitate artistic expression through intuitive and comfortable digital drawing tools. The name “Xencelabs” combines the words “sense” and “labs” to reflect their collaborative spirit and the fusion of technical expertise with artistic experience.

With the customer at the center of their design philosophy, Xencelabs pushes the boundaries of what is possible in the world of digital art. The Pen Display 24 is customizable to meet the preferences of individual artists. The pressure curve can be adjusted for sensitivity, allowing for delicate or bold strokes tailored to the user’s style.

Creating an optimal creative environment, the display surface of the Pen Display 24 reduces glare and ensures clarity even in well-lit settings. The precise alignment between the pen nib and cursor minimizes parallax, providing accurate control and a seamless drawing experience. Ergonomics plays a vital role, with the 24-inch display striking a balance between desk space and drawing area, and the bezel width optimized for palm support. The display also includes a tilt stand for easy adjustment to suit the artist’s creative flow.

The Pen Display 24 embraces a minimalist design philosophy, with a clean layout, minimal buttons, and absence of distracting textures. Its thin and compact design not only enhances appearance but also aids in heat dissipation. With no noisy cooling fans, the workspace remains serene and free from distractions. The Pen Display 24 comes with two different-sized pens to accommodate various hand preferences.

Xencelabs’ Pen Display 24 is revolutionizing the digital art industry providing artists with an intuitive, personalized, and immersive drawing experience.

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