26 September 2023

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Xbox Series X|S Mid-Gen Refresh Leaked: Three New Digital-Only Models Planned

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Xbox Series X|S Mid-Gen Refresh Leaked: Three New Digital-Only Models Planned

A recent leak of court documents the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has unveiled Microsoft’s plans for a mid-generation refresh of the Xbox Series X|S console. The leaked files, posted on Resetera, reveal that Microsoft is planning to release three new models, all of which will be digital-only with no disc drives.

Contrary to Microsoft’s previous statements denying any plans for a mid-gen console refresh, these documents confirm that a refresh is indeed in the works and is scheduled for 2024. The three consoles included in the refresh are Ellewood, a “light” refresh of the Xbox Series S; Brooklin, a discless version of the Xbox Series X; and Uther, which shares the same specs as Brooklin but is said to be “in XDL,” indicating it will be customizable through Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab.

Accompanying the refreshed consoles is an upgraded controller codenamed “Sebile.” This new controller features several improvements, such as an accelerometer, haptics that double as speakers, modular thumbsticks, and quieter buttons. It also boasts sustainability improvements, including a swappable battery, the use of recycled materials, and easier repairability.

The leaked images of the Brooklin console reveal a departure from the Xbox Series X’s iconic fridge shape, with a design that appears to be round or oblong. The Brooklin offers several enhancements, including more internal storage, faster Wi-Fi, reduced power consumption, and a beautiful redesign. Sustainability improvements are also present across all three consoles.

In terms of pricing, the discless Xbox Series X and S models will be sold at the same launch prices as their counterparts with disc drives—$499 for the Xbox Series X and $299 for the Xbox Series S.

According to the leaked schedule, the Sebile controller will be released in May 2024, followed the mid-gen console announcements in June. The Xbox Series S refresh, Ellewood, is expected to launch in August 2024, while the Xbox Series X refresh, Brooklin, is anticipated to debut in late October.

This leak has generated significant excitement among Xbox fans, as it reveals Microsoft’s commitment to offering a range of options for players, including affordable digital-only versions of their flagship consoles.

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