24 September 2023

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Xbox Game Pass Announces Upcoming Titles for August and September

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Xbox Game Pass Announces Upcoming Titles for August and September

Xbox Game Pass has revealed its lineup of games for the final weeks of August and the beginning of September. While the offerings are relatively limited, the service will feature two day one launch titles, including the highly anticipated The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Additionally, Game Pass subscribers who have pre-ordered the Premium Edition will have a 5-day lead on playing the upcoming RPG Starfield starting on September 1.

Starting with the August wave, Game Pass users can look forward to the release of Firewatch on August 17. This first-person adventure game follows the story of a fire lookout in the Wyoming wilderness. On August 18, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre will be available, inviting players to experience an asymmetrical horror game featuring co-op and PvP combat with the Slaughter family from the film series.

On August 29, Sea of Stars will launch on both Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus. This retro-style turn-based RPG offers a nostalgic experience for players. Finally, on September 5, indie adventure game Gris will be added to the Game Pass library.

In addition to the game releases, September will mark the launch of Core, a new tier of Game Pass designed for former Live Gold members. While this tier will have a smaller selection of games compared to the larger library of the standard Game Pass, it will provide an alternative for players seeking a more focused gaming experience.

Overall, Xbox Game Pass continues to offer a diverse range of titles for its subscribers, with early access to highly anticipated titles and a variety of genres to choose from.

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