4 October 2023

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Xbox Free Play Days Returns with Four Exciting Games to Try

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Xbox Free Play Days Returns with Four Exciting Games to Try

Xbox Free Play Days is back, offering Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers the chance to try out four games for free. From Thursday to Sunday, August 20, players can dive into these exciting titles and discover something new.

One of the featured games is an open-world racing title from Xbox Game Studios. While it’s already available on Game Pass, its inclusion in the lineup is still a great addition for players. The game offers thrilling racing action in a vibrant and ever-evolving open world set in Mexico. With hundreds of the world’s greatest cars at your disposal, it promises a limitless and fun driving experience.

For those who enjoy intense combat and exploration, there’s a fast-paced metroidvania adventure. Players can cast devastating spells as they embark on a quest to save their home from a Golem invasion. The game features a beautifully hand-drawn world and offers a 33% discount for Xbox users.

If managing and building appeals to you, there’s a cute and expansive management sim available. Create your own animal empire, import and breed rare creatures, keep your visitors happy, and overcome weird and wonderful events. This game allows you to import animals from other zoos around the world and expand your wildlife collection. It’s currently available at a 50% discount.

Finally, for fans of hack ‘n slash action-platformers, there’s a brutal game set in the nightmare world of Cvstodia. Players can perform savage executions on hordes of enemies in their quest to break eternal damnation. This game is now discounted 75% on Xbox.

Xbox Free Play Days is a fantastic opportunity for gamers to try out new games, with a lineup that changes every week. If you’re a member of Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, make sure to take advantage of this event and discover your next favorite game.

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