4 October 2023

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Xbox Fans Call for Dropping Xbox Series S for Better Games

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Xbox Fans Call for Dropping Xbox Series S for Better Games

Xbox fans have expressed their frustration and are calling for Microsoft to drop the Xbox Series S in order to prioritize better games. The popular RPG, Baldur’s Gate 3, is reportedly being held back on Xbox platforms due to the limitations of the less powerful Xbox Series S.

Currently, Microsoft has two consoles on the market – the powerhouse Xbox Series X and the more affordable Xbox Series S. These consoles share a “feature parity” clause, which means that games can only be released on both consoles simultaneously. However, this has become a point of contention, as the Xbox Series S’s limitations are preventing the release of certain games.

Many gamers argue that Microsoft should prioritize releases on the more powerful Xbox Series X, rather than holding games back for the sake of ensuring compatibility with the Xbox Series S. The next generation of games was expected to push the boundaries of performance and quality, but the Xbox Series S seems to be acting as an anchor holding the Xbox brand back.

Rumors of another Xbox console, a digital version of the Series X without a disc drive, have surfaced. Some believe that this console could offer a solution retaining the power of the Series X while eliminating the constraints of the Xbox Series S.

Currently, there is no update on when Baldur’s Gate 3 will be released on Xbox platforms. Xbox fans are eagerly waiting for a resolution to the debate and hoping for better games in the future.

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