26 September 2023

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How Hong Kong’s Open-Loop Payment System is Transforming Transportation

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How Hong Kong’s Open-Loop Payment System is Transforming Transportation

Hong Kong’s phased introduction of the HKeToll system, which allows drivers to register their vehicles in advance and make payment automatically when using road tunnels, has been a success. This has paved the way for the wider adoption of open-loop payment systems various transport operators.

The open-loop payment system relies on industry-set standards and universal technology, such as EMV (Europay, Mastercard, and Visa), which allows payment with a bank-issued credit or debit card on any transport network that supports the system. This not only accelerates traffic flows but also enables transport companies to collect and analyze big data about passenger numbers, flows, and trends, which can be used to optimize routes, plan additional stops, create new services, and mitigate financial risk.

By accepting credit or debit card payments, all Hong Kong bus providers have also embraced the open-loop concept. This shift towards digital payments not only enhances convenience for local commuters and tourists but also provides insights into passenger movement patterns, behavior, and spending, facilitating stronger collaboration among multiple transport operators.

The benefits of open-loop payment systems extend beyond convenience and efficiency. They also offer advantages such as lower costs, improved services, and an enhanced urban environment. For instance, there is no need for regular top-ups, and transport operators can reduce fare collection costs and cash management expenses. Furthermore, sectors like tourism are expected to experience a boost due to the wider adoption of open-loop payment systems.

Hong Kong’s MTR Corporation and Hong Kong Tramways are among the transport operators that are upgrading their ticketing systems to introduce contactless credit card payment methods. This move towards a smart railway and a digital transport network will improve choice, efficiency, and convenience for passengers.

With the full support of international payment companies, Hong Kong’s open-loop payment system is transforming transportation providing seamless, secure, and convenient payment experiences for road users. By leveraging big data and adopting universal payment terminals, the system enables cities to make better-informed decisions, enhance collaboration among transport operators, and create innovative possibilities for building smart cities.

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