26 September 2023

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How to Get the Narwhal Ship in Starfield

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How to Get the Narwhal Ship in Starfield

The Narwhal is regarded as one of the best ships in the game Starfield, offering impressive stats and capabilities. In order to acquire this ship, players need to follow a specific process.

To begin, players must head to the city of Neon, specifically to the Volli system on the right side of Olympus. Neon is a major hub city in Starfield, and upon arrival, players need to locate the Ryujin Industries building on the promenade.

Inside the Ryujin Industries building, players should find the elevator at the back and select the Yaiyo Astroneering floor, which is one level above the Lob. From there, players will enter the Show Room where they can speak with Veronica, the ship vendor.

The Narwhal ship is available for purchase at a price of 450,000 Credits. However, it is important to note that the Narwhal is a Class C ship, requiring players to have Rank 4 in their Piloting skills in order to operate it effectively. Therefore, players should consider their skill levels before investing their hard-earned Credits into this ship.

The Narwhal boasts impressive stats, making it a desirable choice for Starfield players. It has a reactor rating of 36, a fuel capacity of 560, a hull strength of 2118, and a shield rating of 995. With a cargo capacity of 1760 and a crew size of 7, it offers ample room for supplies and personnel.

In terms of its combat abilities, the Narwhal has a jump capability of 30 LY and weapon ratings that include LAS 24, BAL 114, and MSL 86. These stats make it a formidable ship in both exploration and combat scenarios.

To acquire the Narwhal ship in Starfield, players can visit Taiyo Astroneering inside the Ryujin Industries building on Neon and speak with Veronica to make the purchase. So, if you’re a Starfield player looking for a top-tier ship, the Narwhal may be just the vessel you need.

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