24 September 2023

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Why Earth is Uninhabitable in Starfield: The Story Behind the Abandoned Home Planet

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Why Earth is Uninhabitable in Starfield: The Story Behind the Abandoned Home Planet

In the highly anticipated game Starfield, developed Bethesda Softworks, players will be transported to an alternate future where humanity has not only achieved interstellar travel but also settled on numerous planets throughout the galaxy. Set more than 300 years in the future, Starfield reveals that Earth, our beloved home planet, has become uninhabitable. So, what led to Earth’s downfall?

The turning point occurred in the mid-2100s when the discovery of Grav Drive technology Dr. Victor Aiza propelled humanity into space, kickstarting the colonization of other planets. This groundbreaking development came at a price. By 2150, scientists realized that Earth’s magnetosphere, the protective shield that guards against harmful solar radiation, would collapse within 50 years due to the intensive testing of Grav Drive technology.

As the planet’s magnetosphere weakened, Earth’s government faced the grim reality that it would become completely uninhabitable. Consequently, a mass exodus ensued, with the entire population forced to abandon their home planet over the course of those 50 years. In 2203, Earth was reduced to a desolate wasteland.

Despite Earth’s inhospitable conditions, players will have the opportunity to visit the forsaken planet in Starfield. However, there won’t be much left to explore except for a few recognizable landmarks that serve as reminders of Earth’s once vibrant existence.

The story of Earth’s demise in Starfield adds an intriguing layer to the game’s narrative. With humanity scattered across the galaxy, players will venture into an alternate future where the remnants of Earth’s civilization serve as a poignant backdrop. As they unravel the mysteries of this new world, they may uncover the truth behind Earth’s fate and the untold adventures that await them.

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