23 September 2023

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First Digital USD (FDUSD) Receives Low Risk Assessment

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First Digital USD (FDUSD) Receives Low Risk Assessment

InvestorsObserver analysts have conducted an analysis of First Digital USD (FDUSD) and have given it a low risk assessment. This assessment is based on their proprietary scoring system which calculates the amount of money required to move the price of a cryptocurrency over the past 24 hours, taking into account changes in volume and market capitalization. The scoring system assigns a score ranging from 0 to 100, with low values indicating high risk and high scores indicating low risk.

Traders who focus on risk assessment will find this analysis particularly useful for identifying and avoiding risky investments. The risk gauge rank for FDUSD currently indicates that it is a low-risk investment.

In the past 24 hours, the price of FDUSD has decreased 0.00%, resulting in a current price of $1.00. This price movement has coincided with below-average trading volume and a decrease in market capitalization. The market capitalization for FDUSD now stands at $394,035,843.72, with $148,070,848.01 worth of the cryptocurrency being exchanged within the past 24 hours. Based on the recent price movement relative to trading volume and market capitalization, FDUSD has received a low risk assessment.

Overall, the price movement of FDUSD over the past day suggests a low-risk ranking, providing traders with confidence in its current manipulability.

For more comprehensive information and analysis on First Digital USD, you can access the full report clicking here.

– InvestorsObserver Analysts