26 September 2023

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Western Digital Releases New SSDs for Steam Deck and ROG Ally

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Western Digital Releases New SSDs for Steam Deck and ROG Ally

Western Digital has unveiled its latest SN770M NVMe SSD, specifically designed to fit inside handheld devices like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally. These small M.2 2230 form factor drives come in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB options, offering handheld gamers a significant storage upgrade.

Historically, replacing the SSD inside a Steam Deck has been fairly straightforward, but finding M.2 2230 drives has proven to be a challenge. These compact drives are typically not sold to consumers and are usually only found in Dell and Microsoft Surface laptops. However, the availability of these drives has recently improved, with companies like Sabrent, Micron, Corsair, and even Framework launching their own M.2 2230 drives.

Western Digital’s entrance into this market is a promising development for handheld gaming, providing high-quality drives that boast speeds of up to 5,150 MB/s based on PCIe Gen 4. The 1TB version of the SN770M NVMe SSD can be purchased directly from Western Digital’s online store for $109.99 or from Best Buy for $129.99. The 2TB version is exclusively available at Best Buy for $239.99.

This release from Western Digital brings more options and accessibility to handheld gamers who want to expand their device’s storage capabilities. The availability of these compact NVMe SSDs will make it easier for Steam Deck and ROG Ally users to upgrade their storage and enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

– Tom Warren, The Verge