4 October 2023

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Support Digital Freedom Through the Combined Federal Campaign

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Support Digital Freedom Through the Combined Federal Campaign

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) provides an opportunity for U.S. federal employees and retirees to support the digital freedom movement. As the world’s largest and most successful annual charity campaign for federal employees and retirees, the CFC has a significant impact on organizations fighting for digital rights.

Last year, 175 members of the CFC community raised over $34,000 to support the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in their efforts to protect digital freedoms online. In a year filled with threats to our online rights, the support of federal employees and retirees is more crucial than ever.

Donating to EFF through the CFC is a simple process. Visit GiveCFC.org and use the ID 10437 to make a donation. The platform offers various options for donation, including payroll deduction, credit/debit, and e-check. If you have a renewing pledge, you can also increase your support. In addition, there is a QR code available for easy pledging.

The theme of this year’s campaign is “GIVE HAPPY,” emphasizing the collective impact federal employees and retirees can make on individuals worldwide. By donating, they ensure that organizations like EFF can continue their important work, even in challenging times.

Thanks to the support received through the CFC last year, EFF achieved significant milestones. They authored amicus briefs in multiple court cases, leading to a federal judge’s ruling that device searches at the U.S. border require a warrant. Additionally, they influenced the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to halt the equipping of police robots with deadly weapons. EFF also played a crucial role in advancing the right to repair movement and convinced Apple to encrypt iCloud storage, benefiting all customers.

The contributions of federal employees and retirees have a profound impact on democracy, civil liberties, and human rights online. By using the CFC ID 10437 when making a pledge, individuals can show their support for EFF and their ongoing fight for digital freedom.

1. Combined Federal Campaign (CFC): The world’s largest annual charity campaign for U.S. federal employees and retirees.
2. Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF): A nonprofit organization that defends civil liberties in the digital world, fighting for privacy, free expression, and innovation.

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