4 October 2023

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The Slow Mo Guys Capture Rocket Engine Test in Stunning Slow Motion

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The Slow Mo Guys Capture Rocket Engine Test in Stunning Slow Motion

The Slow Mo Guys, known for their captivating slow-motion videos, have once again delivered an impressive and entertaining video. This time, they traveled from the U.K. to Texas to film a rocket engine test Firefly Aerospace’s Reaver engine.

The video starts showcasing the meticulous setup required to capture the slow-motion footage. The team had to carefully position the camera to ensure it didn’t get too close to the action, risking damage, while also avoiding being too far away and losing the impact of the footage.

One of the main challenges was adjusting the camera’s exposure to capture the intricate details of the flames without blowing them out. The extremely bright flames posed a risk of overexposure. To counter this, the camera’s exposure was set at four stops under, resulting in a darker image. In hindsight, the team realized that an even darker exposure may have been better.

Despite these challenges, the resulting footage is truly remarkable. The rocket engine firing is shown at 80 times slower than real time, showcasing the immense power of the engine. The flames appear to be moving in real time, while small debris flying past the camera serves as the only indication of the slowed-down recording speed.

The Slow Mo Guys founder, Gavin Free, expressed his amazement at the footage, stating that viewers could easily mistake it for real-time footage. He also acknowledged that capturing this footage was a nerve-wracking experience, but the team was thrilled with the results.

The Slow Mo Guys have amassed a dedicated following of 14.8 million subscribers since launching their YouTube channel 13 years ago. Their videos cover a wide range of topics, from everyday objects breaking to bizarre experiments, all captured in mesmerizing slow motion.

Overall, their latest video showcasing the rocket engine test is another testament to their skill in capturing fascinating slow-motion footage. It’s a must-watch for anyone interested in the power and beauty of science in action.

– Rocket engine: A propulsion device that creates thrust for a rocket expelling high-speed exhaust gases.
– Slow-motion: Capturing and viewing video footage at a slowed-down rate, typically achieved recording at a high frame rate and then playing back at a standard frame rate.

– The Slow Mo Guys – YouTube Channel