26 September 2023

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The Framework Laptop Used to Create Custom Handheld Gaming Console

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The Framework Laptop Used to Create Custom Handheld Gaming Console

YouTuber Pitstoptech has demonstrated an innovative use for the Framework Laptop building a custom handheld gaming console. The device features a 7-inch 1080p touchscreen display, an Intel i7-1260P processor, 16GB of memory, and a 512GB SSD, which can be upgraded to an AMD Ryzen 7840U mainboard for better performance. It also has a default 55Wh battery, which can be upgraded to a 61Wh version, providing a larger capacity than other handheld consoles in the market.

The device runs on the Windows 11 operating system and can run various games. It offers features like volume adjustment and the ability to tweak Steam settings from within the console itself. Pitstoptech demonstrated the console being hooked up to a small external display via a USB-C port and mentioned that it can connect to different controllers using Bluetooth.

The advantage of using a Framework Laptop mainboard as a base is its high upgradeability. According to Pitstoptech, users can easily update the battery, mainboard, memory, and storage utilizing Framework’s modular components. The modular philosophy of the Framework Laptop has now been applied to the world of handheld game consoles, offering users the ability to customize and upgrade their devices as needed.

Pitstoptech has plans to sell the custom handheld console as a DIY kit for those interested in reusing or purchasing new Framework components. However, pricing details have not been released yet. It remains to be seen if this modular approach will become more prevalent in the handheld gaming market, but it certainly shows promising potential.

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