4 October 2023

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ZETA DIVISION Opens Applications for Valorant Roster After Disappointing Season

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ZETA DIVISION Opens Applications for Valorant Roster After Disappointing Season

ZETA DIVISION, the Japanese organization, has announced the opening of applications for its Valorant roster following a disappointing season that concluded with an early exit from Valorant Champions 2023. The team is seeking new players, coaches, and analysts in order to regain their position at the top in 2024.

The organization stated its goal is to win VCT Pacific 2024 and ultimately emerge victorious in Valorant Champions 2024. This decision comes just days after ZETA DIVISION’s elimination from the recent Valorant Champions 2023 tournament, where they placed 13th-16th after losing to Fnatic and NRG.

This underwhelming performance in Los Angeles was indicative of ZETA DIVISION’s overall season, which began with an early exit from VCT LOCK//IN in the Round of 32. However, the biggest blow came when the team failed to qualify for VCT Masters Tokyo, missing out on a historic moment for Japanese Valorant, after finishing 5th-6th in the VCT Pacific League playoffs.

The future of the current players and staff remains uncertain, as it is unclear who will stay on the team. According to the VCT Contract Database, all six players and head coach Motoyama ‘XQQ’ Hibiki have contracts that extend until the end of 2026.

Players interested in joining ZETA DIVISION’s Valorant team must meet certain qualifications, including being at least 18 years old January 31, 2024, holding a Radiant rank, and having the ability to communicate proficiently in Japanese. The organization is also open to recruiting players that are currently contracted with other organizations, but permission must be obtained from their respective teams before applying.

The application process for joining ZETA DIVISION’s Valorant team involves filling out a Google Form, followed interviews and tryouts for selected candidates. This move ZETA DIVISION follows DetonatioN FocusMe’s open recruitment process last month, after their Valorant team finished the year with no wins in 2023.

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– Luís Mira, Published: 2023-08-16T11:12:20, Updated: 2023-08-16T11:12:34