4 October 2023

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The Decline of Book Reading Among Youth due to Digital Technology

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The Decline of Book Reading Among Youth due to Digital Technology

Speakers at a recent ceremony have expressed concern about the declining habit of book reading among youth, attributing it to the extensive use of digital technology. The ceremony, held in Swat, marked the launch of two books authored Dr. Attaur Rehman Atta, titled “Da Tahir Afridi Afsano Kay Haqiqat Nigari” and “Tajziye.”

According to the speakers, the widespread use of digital technology has led to a decrease in reading and the production of quality literary works, particularly in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. They highlighted the negative impact this decline has on the cultural and intellectual development of the country.

The speakers praised Dr. Attaur Rehman Atta for consistently producing exceptional literary works that span various genres. They noted that his research on the fiction stories of Tahir Afridi is a valuable contribution to Pashto literature. Tahir Afridi, a noted progressive and nationalist fiction writer, receives recognition for his influence on Pashto literature.

Notably, the speakers commended Dr. Attaur Rehman Atta for attracting a dedicated following of young readers in the digital age. Despite the prevalence of digital distractions, many young people eagerly engage with his literary works, exemplifying his enduring popularity and the timeless appeal of his books.

In an era marked rapid technological advancements, the fact that a significant portion of the youth is drawn to Dr. Attaur Rehman Atta’s writings speaks volumes about his storytelling abilities. His narratives have the power to resonate with the sensibilities of contemporary readers, transcending generational boundaries.

Overall, the decline of book reading among youth necessitates a greater emphasis on promoting and encouraging reading habits. Quality literary works provide valuable insights, foster critical thinking, and contribute to the overall intellectual growth of individuals and society.

– Dawn, September 18th, 2023