4 October 2023

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Turkey Joins EU Digital Programme: Accessing Funding for Supercomputing and AI

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Turkey Joins EU Digital Programme: Accessing Funding for Supercomputing and AI

Turkey has officially become a member of the European Union’s Digital Europe programme, enabling organisations and individuals in the country to access EU funding for digital projects. This programme, worth €7.5 billion, supports initiatives in various areas, such as supercomputing, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, advanced digital skills, and the widespread implementation of digital technologies across Europe’s economy and society.

The European Commission announced Turkey’s association with the Digital Europe programme on 1 September. This development opens up opportunities for Turkish entities to benefit from financial support for projects related to cutting-edge technologies.

Supercomputing has emerged as a critical field of research and innovation, enabling the processing of vast amounts of data and complex calculations at incredible speeds. The EU’s commitment towards supercomputing aims to strengthen Europe’s position in this field, leading to advancements in various industries, such as healthcare, climate modeling, and manufacturing. Turkey’s inclusion in the Digital Europe programme ensures that the country can participate in and contribute to the advancement of supercomputing technology.

The programme also emphasizes the importance of AI, which has the potential to transform industries and drive economic growth. By investing in AI research and development, the EU aims to foster innovation and improve competitiveness. Turkey’s association with the Digital Europe programme grants access to funding opportunities for AI projects, enabling the country’s researchers, entrepreneurs, and businesses to leverage the potential of AI.

Additionally, the programme addresses cybersecurity concerns, recognizing the need for robust digital defenses. It promotes the development of secure digital infrastructures and the enhancement of cybersecurity measures to protect European citizens and businesses against cyber threats. This inclusion is particularly timely as the digital landscape becomes increasingly vulnerable to various forms of attacks.

Moreover, the Digital Europe programme emphasizes the importance of digital skills, aiming to equip Europeans with the necessary competencies to thrive in the digital era. It supports initiatives that promote advanced digital skills, ensuring individuals possess the knowledge and capabilities to navigate and leverage digital technologies effectively.

By joining the Digital Europe programme, Turkey gains access to a wealth of funding opportunities to drive digital transformation and innovation within the country. This association strengthens cooperation between Turkey and the EU, fostering collaborations and knowledge exchange in the fields of supercomputing, AI, cybersecurity, and digital skills development.

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