26 September 2023

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Exeter College Becomes Apple Authorized Training Centre for Education

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Exeter College Becomes Apple Authorized Training Centre for Education

Exeter College, an award-winning college in Devon, aims to support the technology and digital industries in the South West developing programming, software, and app development skills. To achieve this, they wanted to become an Apple Authorized Training Centre for Education (AATCe). With the help of Academia, Exeter College successfully transitioned to become an AATCe.

To obtain AATCe status, three staff members from Exeter College needed to become accredited as Apple Certified Trainers. They received new Apple MacBook Pro and iPads, enabling them to earn their certifications as Apple Certified Trainer – App Development with Swift.

In addition, Exeter College partnered with Academia to build a state-of-the-art Mac suite for their new cohort of students. Academia provided advice and guidance on the most suitable Apple technology for the suite, as well as how to set up, deploy, and manage the devices.

Becoming an AATCe has had a significant impact on Exeter College’s learning pathways. They have established the Apple Academy and introduced new courses on iOS app development. These courses are now included in various existing IT programs. Exeter College has also created extracurricular learning opportunities through iOS development and learning-to-code groups, allowing students from different departments to develop their digital skills.

Furthermore, Exeter College has collaborated with local businesses, offering students the opportunity to work on real projects and gain practical experience. The students have developed an app for the Royal Navy Leadership Academy, streamlining their marking and scoring system.

The transition to an AATCe has enriched learning experiences at Exeter College and provided students with a valuable portfolio to showcase to potential employers. The college is also pioneering a government-funded Apple bootcamp, offering free software development training to help students start a career in the software industry.

In summary, Exeter College’s successful transition to an Apple Authorized Training Centre for Education has allowed them to broaden their learning pathways, offer enriched learning experiences, and support the local community in the South West.


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