23 September 2023

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Total War Warhammer 3 DLC Shadows of Change Faces Backlash for High Price Point

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Total War Warhammer 3 DLC Shadows of Change Faces Backlash for High Price Point

The release of the Total War Warhammer 3 DLC, Shadows of Change, has caused controversy within the game’s community due to its high price point. The DLC introduces three new lords to the strategy game and the Immortal Empires campaign mode, but many players and content creators argue that the price is too steep.

Shadows of Change is priced at $24.99 / £19.99, which is around 40% of the cost of the base game. However, players note that previous DLC packs, such as Champions of Chaos, which added four playable lords, were priced at $15.99 / £12.99. Additionally, in the previous two games in the series, lord packs typically included two paid lords and one free downloadable lord alongside major releases.

The pricing change has sparked discussions on platforms like Discord and Reddit, with many players expressing their dissatisfaction with the increased cost. Some argue that the content in Shadows of Change does not justify the price increase, while others feel that the value proposition is not there compared to previous DLC packs.

Content creators within the Total War Warhammer 3 community have also weighed in on the issue. YouTubers like ‘Loremaster of Sotek’ and ‘milkandcookestw’ express concerns about the high price point and question whether it aligns with the content being offered. Even former Warhammer Fantasy producer Andy Law finds the price difficult to swallow, despite his positive thoughts on the DLC’s content.

While players are excited about the new content introduced Shadows of Change, it remains to be seen whether they will be willing to pay the high asking price. As the community continues to discuss and evaluate the value of the DLC, players may explore other Total War Warhammer 3 DLC options or familiarize themselves with the game’s races if they have been away for a while.

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