4 October 2023

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Thumzup Media Corporation Reports Low Cost per Like on Its Platform in August 2023

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Thumzup Media Corporation Reports Low Cost per Like on Its Platform in August 2023

Thumzup Media Corporation (“Thumzup” or the “Company”) has announced that the estimated cost per like on its platform in August 2023 was $0.76. This is significantly lower than the publicly-reported average cost per like on major social media advertising platforms. Through the Thumzup mobile app, advertisers can incentivize customers and fans to become social media advocates for their brands paying them cash for approved posts.

In August 2023, 446 posts were made through the Thumzup platform, reaching a total of 384,156 Instagram followers. Out of these followers, 7,676 liked the posts. The estimated cost per like was calculated to be $0.76, with an overall engagement rate of 2.0%. This engagement rate is considered to be a good result for influencer marketing.

Thumzup’s CEO, Robert Steele, highlighted the platform as a compelling value in advertising, generating engagement at a relatively low cost per like and achieving a good engagement rate. He emphasized that Thumzup focuses on everyday people rather than professional influencers, making the posts more valuable as they come from non-professional influencers who are passionate about sharing brands and businesses they love.

Thumzup believes that posts made through its app are more valuable than traditional digital ads or influencer marketing. These posts are often made users who live in close proximity to the advertised businesses, which adds a local and authentic element. The company aims to continue collecting and refining data to further demonstrate the value of its platform to small businesses and users.

The Thumzup platform is democratizing the social media branding and marketing industry. It allows individuals to get paid cash for posting about participating advertisers on major social media platforms. Advertisers can customize their campaigns through the programmatic advertiser dashboard, and cash payments are made to app users/creators.


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