24 September 2023

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Google to Increase Prices for Pixel 8 Series in Europe

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Google to Increase Prices for Pixel 8 Series in Europe

Google is set to launch the Pixel 8 series smartphones in October, but it appears that these devices may come with a hefty price tag. According to leaked information, the Pixel 8 Pro will start at 799 euros in Europe, which is a significant increase compared to the previous model. Even with currency conversion, the Pixel 8 could still see a $200 or higher price increase compared to its predecessor.

The Pixel 7 was known for its standout design, vanilla Android experience, and great cameras, but its affordable price of $599 made it even more appealing. However, with the rumored upgrades for the Pixel 8, such as a refined design and faster chip, consumers may find it less enticing to pay such a premium for the new model.

The leaked information also suggests that the Pixel 8’s 256GB storage variant will cost 856 euros, which is close to the price of the current Pixel 7 Pro in the US. Similarly, the Pixel 8 Pro’s base model is rumored to start at 1,099 euros, a significant increase compared to its predecessor.

While the exact specifications of the Pixel 8 series are yet to be confirmed, the leaked information suggests that the upgrades may not be substantial enough to justify the higher price. It is worth noting that Google has previously struggled to keep its hardware secrets under wraps, so more information may be revealed before the official launch event.

This price increase Google is reflective of a trend seen in the smartphone industry, with both Google and Apple reportedly raising prices while offering upgrades that may not be as significant in real-life usage. It is unfortunate that just as the Pixel phones were becoming popular for their affordability, Google seems to be aiming for the higher-end market where higher prices are common.

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