4 October 2023

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Apple’s Liquid Lenses Could Solve VR’s Prescription Lens Problem

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Apple’s Liquid Lenses Could Solve VR’s Prescription Lens Problem

Virtual reality (VR) headsets have long posed a challenge for glasses wearers. Due to their close proximity to the face, it is often difficult to fit glasses in front of the eyes while wearing a VR headset. Various solutions have been attempted, such as optional spacers or prescription lens attachments, but none have been universally successful.

However, Apple may have found a groundbreaking solution to this problem. The company has been granted a patent in the US for an “electronic device with liquid lenses.” The patent describes a “head-mounted device” that utilizes “tunable liquid lenses.” By sending electronic signals to the lenses, the liquid inside can be deformed, altering the refractive index of the lenses. This means that a wide range of eyesight issues can be corrected without the need for additional accessories. Furthermore, the lenses can be calibrated the headset’s eye-tracking system.

The patent also mentions that this technology could potentially be applied to a “pair of glasses.” While this is speculative, it could imply that Apple is also developing liquid lenses for its rumored AR glasses.

As with all patents, there is no guarantee that this technology will ever be implemented in a commercially available headset. There may be practical or cost-related challenges that prevent its integration. Additionally, even if liquid lenses do make their way into an Apple headset, it is uncertain when this will happen. It is unlikely that the first-generation headset, rumored to be released in 2024, will include this feature. Instead, we may have to wait for the third-generation model or beyond for liquid lenses to become a reality.

Source: Apple Insider

– VR: Virtual reality is a simulated experience that can be similar to or completely different from the real world. It typically involves the use of a headset with a built-in display.
– Liquid lenses: Liquid lenses are a type of lens where the shape of the lens can be changed controlling the amount of liquid inside. This allows for adjustable focus and correction of eyesight issues.
– AR: Augmented reality is an interactive experience that combines real-world elements with computer-generated images and information. AR glasses overlay digital information onto the user’s view of the real world.

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