4 October 2023

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DeepMind Cofounder Discusses the Future of AI

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DeepMind Cofounder Discusses the Future of AI

DeepMind cofounder Mustafa Suleyman believes that generative AI is just a phase and that interactive AI is the next frontier in artificial intelligence. He envisions AI systems that can carry out tasks calling on other software and people to get things done. Suleyman also emphasizes the need for robust regulation, which he believes can be achieved. While some may view Suleyman’s optimism as naive, his new company Inflection, with its top-tier talent, could potentially bring about the changes he desires.

The Battle Against Online Censorship

Control over the internet and access to online information are topics of significant importance with broad implications for various aspects of society, including geopolitics, free speech, human rights, and power distribution. As online censorship becomes more prevalent and harmful, people are increasingly relying on digital tools and platforms to circumvent it. This technological arms race between censors and those aiming to evade them highlights the growing need to address these issues and protect online freedom.

Ammonia-Powered Transportation

Transportation is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions, and while electric vehicles offer a solution, they have limitations in terms of energy capacity for long-range trucks and ships. Young Suk Jo, co-founder of startup Amogy, has proposed using ammonia as a fuel for powering these vehicles. Amogy has successfully demonstrated this technology in a small drone and a truck, and now Jo is aiming to apply it to a tugboat. This innovative approach could potentially contribute to reducing emissions in the transportation industry.

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