24 September 2023

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Accor’s Digital Factory China: Accelerating Innovation in the Chinese Market

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Accor’s Digital Factory China: Accelerating Innovation in the Chinese Market

Accor, a leading player in the hospitality industry, has recognized the importance of technological innovation in delivering exceptional experiences for its guests, employees, and hotel owners. In 2021, the company launched the Digital Factory China, an extension of its global Digital & Business Factory based in Paris, with the aim of developing cutting-edge solutions specifically for Chinese consumers.

China’s travel and tourism market is expected to become the largest in the world within the next decade. Recognizing this immense potential, Accor has built a strong reputation and network of diverse brands and hotels across China catering to the unique needs of Chinese travelers. The Digital Factory China serves as a strategic division that customizes global solutions with Chinese innovation, driving the company’s expansion and success in the country.

Unlike many industry players, the Digital Factory China is regionally-centric, providing local expertise and tailor-made solutions. The team identifies emerging market demands and develops best-in-class solutions, digital experiences, and loyalty programs that resonate with Chinese consumers. This deep understanding of the market enables Accor to maintain a competitive edge delivering relevant and responsive solutions that enhance guest experiences.

One of Accor Greater China’s notable initiatives is the Accor ALL Plus China subscription program. This program is exclusively designed to meet the needs and expectations of Chinese consumers, offering customized offerings for travel, cuisine, and lifestyle experiences. It is fully integrated into WeChat’s Mini Program, providing a seamless and personalized customer journey for Chinese consumers.

Accor’s success in the Chinese market is also attributed to its strong strategic partnerships. The company has collaborated with leading Chinese travel services platforms like Trip.com and established a dual loyalty program, the first of its kind in China. Additionally, a partnership with Alibaba has allowed Accor to create exclusive programs and opportunities for ALL members, gaining popularity on Alibaba’s renowned travel platform, Fliggy.

The Digital Factory China not only accelerates Accor’s growth but also fosters creativity and collaboration. The division actively seeks partnerships with market leaders across various sectors, including social media, finance, airlines, and lifestyle brands, to engage with China’s ever-growing digital native population.

With its deep understanding of the local market and consumer behavior, the Digital Factory China is a key asset in Accor’s global digital transformation strategy. By delivering consumer-centric solutions and fostering trusted relationships with Chinese companies, Accor aims to better meet the needs of its clients worldwide. As China’s hospitality market continues to thrive, Accor’s Digital Factory China positions the company for continued growth and success in this critical market.

Source: Accor.com