4 October 2023

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The Best Weapons in Lies of P: A Guide for Surviving the Dangerous World

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The Best Weapons in Lies of P: A Guide for Surviving the Dangerous World

In Lies of P, a dark and dangerous interpretation of the classic Pinocchio story, players must navigate a treacherous world filled with dangers at every turn. To survive, players must rely on their weapons and reflexes. Customizing your arsenal swapping out blades and handles is a key aspect of the game, and finding the best weapons to start with can greatly enhance your chances of success.

One of the best weapons to start with is the Puppet Saber. Despite being available right at the beginning of the game, the Puppet Saber remains competitive well into the mid-game. With its fast-hitting attacks, good range, and a powerful charge attack, this sword is a formidable choice. It scales at rank C in both Motivity and Technique and comes with the Storm Slash and Concentrate abilities.

For players who prefer quick, agile strikes, the Salamander Dagger is an excellent option. This dagger deals fire damage, making it effective against enemies weak to fire. With scaling at B in Advance, C in Technique, and D in Motivity, the Salamander Dagger is perfect for a build focused on quick hits. Its Ignite ability adds even more firepower, and it also boasts a fast stab as a guard ability.

If area control is your goal, the Booster Glaive is a standout choice. This weapon offers good range and its wide arc on each swing is ideal for crowd control. The charge attack can be used for a forward thrust in tighter spaces. Scaling at B in Technique and D in Motivity, the Booster Glaive comes with the Storm Slash and Patient Slash skills, allowing for powerful strikes.

For those seeking a unique and versatile weapon, the Acidic Crystal Spear offers a spear-like experience within the dagger category. With fast, poking attacks and acid damage on each strike, the Acidic Crystal Spear is a formidable choice. It scales at A in Advance and D in Technique and Motivity. Its abilities, Radiate and Single Stab, provide additional offensive options.

Finally, the Two Dragons Sword offers the speed and flair of a katana. While it cannot be modified, with A scaling in Technique and D in Motivity, it is a powerful weapon. The Link Emergency Dodge ability allows for nimble evasions and follow-up attacks, while the Wind of Swords unleashes a devastating area of effect attack.

By choosing the right weapons in Lies of P, players can equip themselves for the challenges ahead. Whether it’s the Puppet Saber, Salamander Dagger, Booster Glaive, Acidic Crystal Spear, or Two Dragons Sword, each weapon offers unique advantages that can help players survive in the dangerous world of Lies of P.

– Neowiz (developer of Lies of P)