23 September 2023

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TCS Launches Product Life Cycle Profiler to Drive Data-Driven Sustainability Strategies

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TCS Launches Product Life Cycle Profiler to Drive Data-Driven Sustainability Strategies

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has recently introduced the TCS Product Life Cycle Profiler, a cutting-edge tool that enables businesses to measure the environmental impact of the products they buy or build. With an increasing focus on sustainability and decarbonizing supply chains, companies are searching for ways to enhance their environmental practices. The TCS Product Life Cycle Profiler provides a scalable and dynamic approach to product life cycle assessment (LCA), offering comprehensive insights into environmental impacts across various product lines.

The tool allows for simultaneous LCA analysis of all products originating from a specific manufacturing facility. It takes into account factors such as materials, transportation, suppliers, energy consumption, and processes to calculate the overall environmental impact. The assessment covers various dimensions, including greenhouse gas emissions, human toxicity, water use, ozone depletion, and particulate matter. By identifying impact hotspots, organizations can make informed decisions and develop low-impact, circular product strategies and decarbonization pathways.

Developed in partnership with PRé Sustainability, the TCS Product Life Cycle Profiler addresses the limitations of conventional LCA systems. It eliminates challenges related to data management, scalability, and static reports providing real-time insights into impact scenarios and recommended actions. Leveraging TCS’s expertise in data management, analytics, and digital technologies, the tool integrates enterprise data and runs activity-based footprint algorithms to perform product LCA dynamically and at scale. It adheres to common governing standards and is based on open-source technologies, allowing for easy deployment across various cloud platforms.

Suranjan Chatterjee, Global Head of Strategic Capabilities Group at TCS, emphasizes that the Product Life Cycle Profiler will enable clients to identify the necessary changes to make their product value chains more sustainable and achieve their climate goals. By providing granular insights and accurate intervention touchpoints, the tool can guide organizations in making supplier changes or developing new product lines that align with a low-carbon economy.

Eric Mieras, Managing Director and CEO of PRé Sustainability, highlights the importance of TCS’s partnership in meeting customer demand for reliable and transparent environmental footprint information. The collaboration combines PRé’s expertise in LCA with TCS’s ability to innovate and leverage technology, resulting in a robust solution for driving sustainable practices.

– Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)
– PRé Sustainability