23 September 2023

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Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop: A Spaceship Repair Simulation Game Coming to Consoles

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Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop: A Spaceship Repair Simulation Game Coming to Consoles

Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop, a popular spaceship repair simulation game, will be launching for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Switch in addition to its previously announced PC version in 2024. Developed Beard Envy and published Kasedo Games, this game offers players an immersive and challenging experience in a roguelite setting.

In Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop, players take on the role of Wilbur, a mechanic working in an asteroid-bound service station. Wilbur’s main goal is to repair spaceships to afford the ever-increasing R.E.N.T payments to his corporate overlord, Uncle Chop. As players clock in, fix ships, make friends and enemies, upgrade their workshop, and confront the futility of existence, they will experience the daily routine of a spaceship mechanic.

The game allows players to fix spaceship modules with a wide range of tools and diagnostic devices. From simple refueling jobs to total overhauls, players will need to fumble, slice, loosen, tighten, grab, and drop various ship components in order to complete each repair job. With a plethora of ships and modules to work with, the gameplay promises to keep players engaged as they encounter new challenges and unusual scenarios.

In addition to repairing spaceships, players will have the opportunity to read and consult manual pages for guidance. These manuals provide information on diagnosing and correcting faults, as well as operating workshop appliances. Moreover, players can upgrade their workshop using the money they earn, allowing them to take on more complex and lucrative repair jobs.

The game features engaging storytelling and a multiple-ending narrative, allowing players to interact with a diverse range of characters and factions. Each faction has its own unique agenda and lore, adding depth and variety to the gameplay. Players will also encounter hidden puzzles, events, and secret lore, ensuring that each gameplay run feels different and exciting.

With persisting upgrades and the ability to improve skills with each playthrough, players can expect a rewarding progression system in Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop.

Ensure you don’t miss the new trailer for Uncle Chop’s Rocket Shop below.

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