23 September 2023

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Introducing Plamen: A Multi-Band Saturator for Selective Frequency Saturation

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Introducing Plamen: A Multi-Band Saturator for Selective Frequency Saturation

Plamen, developed SounDevice Digital and distributed United Plugins, is a multi-band saturator that offers a unique approach to saturation targeting specific frequencies rather than applying it uniformly across the entire signal. This allows users to selectively warm up tracks and emphasize particular frequency zones, similar to an EQ.

Plamen features an intuitive one-screen graphical user interface (GUI) that controls five parallel saturation bands. Each band includes adjustable crossovers, individual controls for input and output gain, and a saturation parameter known as the “Mojo” knob.

The plugin offers five saturation modes for each band. The first three modes, British, American, and German, emulate the sound characteristics of iconic consoles from these countries. The remaining two modes, Magnetic and Clip, simulate tape saturation and digital distortion from an A/D converter, respectively. Each band also includes essential functions such as mute, solo, and an AGC Boost button that adds 10 dB of gain to enhance saturation.

Plamen provides global controls for input and output gain, dry/wet mix, and a simulated Tape Wow effect. Additionally, a limiter can be enabled on the main output when needed.

To prevent aliasing during heavy saturation, Plamen offers 2x, 4x, or 8x oversampling options. However, SounDevice Digital warns that enabling oversampling may increase CPU usage and latency, making it less ideal for live applications. In such scenarios, switching to the Analog 6/dB per octave crossover mode is recommended.

In the experiences of many users, Plamen has proven to be highly effective in enhancing various audio sources. Whether applied to drums, vocals, electric guitars, basses, or full mixes, the plugin has consistently delivered noticeable improvements in size and fullness. Its versatility makes it an excellent tool for any audio production needs.

As for the name, “Plamen” is a Czech word translating to “flame” in English, symbolizing the ability to add warmth to audio recordings. The plugin is currently available on the United Plugins website at a discounted price of $20 until October 10, after which it will revert to its regular price of $96. A fully functional version can also be tried for 15 days.

– New York, NY (September 14, 2023)—Plamen is a multi-band saturator from the Czech-based developer SounDevice Digital (distributed United Plugins).
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