23 September 2023

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Somalia Launches New National ID System to Boost Security and Digital Services

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Somalia Launches New National ID System to Boost Security and Digital Services

Somali Prime Minister Hamza Abdi Barre has announced the official return of civil registration and the issuance of national ID cards, marking a significant milestone for Somalia’s digital identity system. The move comes after three decades of stagnation, during which the system remained untouched global technological advancements.
The two-day conference held in Mogadishu signifies the beginning of a reliable and all-inclusive national identification system recognized worldwide. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud received his national ID card during the inauguration, stating that the rollout of the ID cards is set to enhance security and address crucial national issues.
Digital identity systems, also known as eID, serve as the foundation for Somalia’s new digital services. They empower citizens to exercise their rights and enable businesses to operate more efficiently. Prime Minister Barre emphasizes the importance of the national ID system in combating security threats, terrorism, and identity fraud.
The national ID system is expected to boost businesses, the economy, and various sectors such as banking, communication, and money transfer systems. It will also play a crucial role in dealing with terror networks and the fight against extremism. The system provides a sense of belonging and identity to Somali citizens, granting access to essential services like healthcare, education, elections, and economic opportunities.
Since the collapse of the national citizen registry in 1991 due to national unrest and economic turmoil, Somalia has been working towards restoring its identification system. In March, the National Identification and Registration Authority Bill was passed, allowing every Somali citizen to legally register their identity and access government and private services.
Speakers at the conference, including representatives from the United Nations and the World Bank, expressed optimism that the national ID system would contribute to the fight against the al-Shabab terror group. This historic development in Somalia’s digital identity system is set to lay the foundations for a more secure and digitally advanced nation.
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