4 October 2023

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Six Flags Partners with Google Cloud to Enhance Visitor Experiences

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Six Flags Partners with Google Cloud to Enhance Visitor Experiences

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation has announced a collaboration with Google Cloud to enhance visitor experiences and optimize business operations. The partnership will leverage Google Cloud’s technologies, including the introduction of a cutting-edge virtual assistant powered generative AI. Six Flags aims to transform its operations and create truly amazing experiences for its guests.

Through this collaboration, Six Flags will utilize Google Cloud’s advanced AI, analytics, and infrastructure capabilities to improve operations, personalization, and customer experiences across its diverse portfolio of parks. By integrating Google Cloud’s gen AI tools, Six Flags plans to create immersive and customized experiences for park guests.

Omar Jacques Omran, Chief Digital Officer of Six Flags, emphasized the transformative potential of this collaboration, stating that it would usher in a new era of technological empowerment for the company. With Google Cloud’s technology, Six Flags aims to enhance park operations, redefine guest experiences, and set new benchmarks in the amusement park industry.

One of the key developments resulting from this partnership is the creation of a virtual assistant powered Google Cloud’s Vertex AI Conversation. The virtual assistant, available on the revamped Six Flags mobile app and park websites, will offer personalized recommendations to visitors, helping them plan their day at the park. Additionally, the virtual assistant will efficiently answer customer queries, reducing the need for interaction with live agents.

Google Cloud’s state-of-the-art solutions will also streamline Six Flags’ operations, boosting efficiency and productivity. This collaboration signifies a monumental leap in Six Flags’ strategic direction and reinforces its commitment to delivering exceptional experiences to its guests.

The transformative potential of this collaboration was highlighted Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, who stated that generative AI could help accelerate Six Flags’ ambitions to transform both the customer and employee experience.

Six Flags will be attending the Google Cloud Next conference to discuss and demonstrate the digital innovations realized through this partnership. This collaboration represents a pivotal moment for Six Flags and the wider amusement park sector.

– Generative AI: AI that is capable of generating new content, such as text or images, based on patterns and examples from existing data.
– Virtual Assistant: A digital assistant that uses AI to interact with users and provide information or perform tasks.

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