23 September 2023

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Western Digital Corp (WDC): An Analysis of its Overall Score and Stock Performance

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Western Digital Corp (WDC): An Analysis of its Overall Score and Stock Performance

InvestorsObserver analysts have ranked Western Digital Corp (WDC) as a mid-ranking company in the Computer Hardware industry. WDC received an overall rating of 45, indicating that it performs better than 45 percent of all stocks. In the Computer Hardware industry, Western Digital Corp scored 59, placing it above 59 percent of its competitors.

The Computer Hardware industry is currently ranked 73 out of 148 industries.

InvestorsObserver’s percentile rankings provide an easy way to identify stocks with strong evaluations analysts. By comparing stocks to each other, investors can determine the best stock within an industry or find sectors with high average scores. The overall score is a combination of technical and fundamental factors, serving as a starting point for stock analysis. However, investors should consider other factors beyond the headline number before making investment decisions.

As of August 21, 2:16 PM, Western Digital Corp stock (WDC) was trading at $40.23, a 1.23% increase from the previous closing price of $39.74. The stock has traded between $39.55 and $40.25 so far that day, with a lower volume than usual. Approximately 680,923 shares have been traded, compared to the average volume of 3,458,233 shares.

In conclusion, Western Digital Corp has received a relatively average overall score and is performing moderately in the computer hardware industry. Consider various factors when analyzing this stock’s performance and make investment decisions accordingly.

– InvestorsObserver Analysts