26 September 2023

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New Scuba Mixtape ‘Digital Underground’ Pays Homage to Electronic Music Roots

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New Scuba Mixtape ‘Digital Underground’ Pays Homage to Electronic Music Roots

Scuba, the renowned producer and a leading figure in club culture, has unveiled his plans for an exciting new mixtape called ‘Digital Underground’. Taking a break from his recent forays into bass abstraction and left-field house, Scuba returns to his musical origins with this project.

Set to be released on November 12th, ‘Digital Underground’ is a 12-track exploration into the DNA of electronic music in the UK and beyond. Paying homage to the sounds that first inspired him, Scuba’s mixtape effortlessly weaves together various genres, including acid house, hardcore, techno, breaks, and early 2-step.

One of the standout tracks from the mixtape, ‘Tru Love’, is already available for listeners to enjoy. From the very beginning, it showcases Scuba’s masterful production skills as he seamlessly combines elements of rave influences into a vibrant sonic experience. The track serves as a teaser for what’s to come in the full mixtape.

As an influential artist who has consistently pushed boundaries in the world of electronic music, Scuba’s ‘Digital Underground’ promises to be a captivating journey for fans and enthusiasts alike. Its diverse range of genres and the artist’s meticulous attention to detail ensures a unique and immersive listening experience.

Scuba’s ability to craft music that resonates with both old-school rave enthusiasts and contemporary electronic music lovers is a testament to his skill and versatility as a producer. With ‘Digital Underground’, he manages to bridge the gap between past and present, reminding listeners of the rich history of electronic music while simultaneously pushing it forward into new realms.

With its release just around the corner, fans eagerly await the arrival of ‘Digital Underground’, ready to embark on a nostalgic and exhilarating sonic journey through the roots of electronic music.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Mould