23 September 2023

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Volkswagen Revives the Scout Name for a New Electric SUV

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Volkswagen Revives the Scout Name for a New Electric SUV

Volkswagen is making waves in the electric SUV market with its upcoming release of the Scout, a rugged utility vehicle that aims to be the best option in its price range. While the Scout won’t be available for a few more years, there is already some information available about its design and features.

In terms of design, Volkswagen has released teaser sketches of the Scout SUV, showcasing a boxy and minimalistic design with a shorter wheelbase. The dimensions are still unclear, but the vehicle appears to have a tall and compact form.

As for the interior, details are scarce at the moment. However, given its rugged nature, we can expect the interior to be durable and practical, possibly featuring rubberized materials and tough seating. It is uncertain if the iconic plaid seats from the original Scout will make a comeback.

In terms of performance, the Scout SUV will be completely electric and built on a new platform, separate from Volkswagen’s existing MEB platform. While specific details on performance are lacking, it is anticipated that the SUV will have at least two motors for an all-wheel drive setup, and hopefully, a range of at least 400 miles.

Production on the Scout electric SUV is slated to begin in 2026, with prototypes being built in 2024. The vehicle will be manufactured in the U.S., making it a significant milestone for Volkswagen. The expected price for the Scout SUV is around $40,000 or slightly higher, positioning it as one of the more affordable electric SUV options on the market when it becomes available.

With its rugged design, durability, and competitive pricing, the Volkswagen Scout has the potential to be a compelling choice in the electric SUV market. As more details emerge in the coming years, consumers will have a clearer picture of what to expect from this highly anticipated vehicle.

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