4 October 2023

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Are You Wasting Money on Tech Expenses?

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Are You Wasting Money on Tech Expenses?

Technology has greatly impacted our lives, offering convenience and new ways to communicate. However, it has also led to the emergence of an industry that encourages unnecessary spending. So, what are the top ways people waste money on tech expenses?

Antivirus software is a common expense that may not be necessary. Built-in tools such as Windows Defender on Windows 10 and 11 can provide basic protection against threats. Additionally, smartphones are set default to only install apps from official stores, reducing the risk of downloading malicious software. Free tools are available that offer essential protection scanning for viruses, identifying suspicious email attachments, and warning against potential phishing sites. Regular software updates also play a crucial role in improving device security.

While subscription services for antivirus software provide additional features like enhanced monitoring and parental controls, users should evaluate if these extras are worth the yearly fee. It’s important not to let the subscription lapse, as this can leave you less protected than expected.

Mobile phone insurance is another expense to consider. While it can be valuable in case of accidents or theft, it may not be necessary for everyone. Policies often have limitations, such as only covering a set number of days outside Ireland or imposing claims under specific circumstances. Individuals who frequently lose or damage their smartphones may find insurance to be a good investment, but the cost of the policy and excess should be taken into account.

The constant upgrade cycle for smartphones can also result in unnecessary spending. “Free” upgrades are seldom truly free, as the cost is eventually passed onto the consumer. Holding onto smartphones for longer and opting for small fixes, like replacing the battery, can be more cost-effective and extend the lifespan of the device. Additionally, considering refurbished options can lead to savings and still provide warranty coverage and consumer protection rights.

Lastly, evaluating the subscriptions we have is important in order to cut back on unnecessary expenses. Many people have numerous subscriptions for cloud storage, streaming services, and more. However, it’s essential to assess how many of these subscriptions are actually being used and consider ways to save money reducing unnecessary memberships.


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