26 September 2023

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RUINSMAGUS: Complete Coming to PlayStation VR2

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RUINSMAGUS: Complete Coming to PlayStation VR2

CharacterBank and Mastiff have announced that the highly anticipated VR action game, RUINSMAGUS: Complete, will be launching on September 19 for PlayStation VR2. This new version of the game includes all previously released DLC and updates, providing players with a complete and immersive experience.

In RUINSMAGUS, players take on the role of a member of the renowned RUINSMAGUS Guild. Their objective is to help strengthen the guild acquiring resources and enhancing their magical abilities. The game features over 25 unique and story-driven quests, each filled with deadly enemies and intricate puzzles.

The Complete edition of RUINSMAGUS on PlayStation VR2 offers several exciting features. It includes full English and Japanese voice-over options, allowing players to choose their preferred language. Additionally, the game takes advantage of PlayStation VR2’s capabilities, such as adaptive trigger support, new HMD rumble, vibration patterns, and 3D audio.

Players can now pre-order RUINSMAGUS: Complete on the PlayStation Store, with a release date set for September 19. The game also brings Trophy support, providing players with the opportunity to showcase their skills and unlock the prestigious Platinum Trophy.

Furthermore, the in-game camera feature allows players to capture their thrilling adventures and share them with the world using PlayStation Share.

RUINSMAGUS: Complete is set to offer a truly immersive and magical experience for PlayStation VR2 players, with its captivating quests and exciting gameplay. Get ready to embark on a journey filled with treasure, danger, and the power of magic.

– CharacterBank
– Mastiff