4 October 2023

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Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service Implements New Electronic Health Records System

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Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service Implements New Electronic Health Records System

Australia’s Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) has launched a new nationwide Aeromedical Electronic Health Record (EHR) powered Oracle Autonomous Database. The implementation of this new system aims to streamline the collection and analysis of clinical information, leading to faster and more informed decision-making medical staff. By shifting to the cloud and utilizing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, RFDS has not only reduced administrative workloads but also lowered data management costs approximately 20 percent.

RFDS is one of the largest aeromedical organizations globally, providing primary healthcare and 24-hour emergency services to rural and remote areas of Australia. Prior to adopting the cloud-based EHR system, RFDS relied heavily on paper-based processes and standalone record management solutions, which resulted in significant administrative efforts to keep patient records updated. The transition to the new system allows RFDS to consolidate and digitize its medical records, improving accuracy, accessibility, and security of patient information for better continuity of care.

Ryan Klose, Chief Information Officer of RFDS, expressed the organization’s commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare and emergency services to hard-to-reach areas of Australia. He stated that the implementation of the Oracle Autonomous Database has allowed RFDS to digitize and consolidate its medical records systems, resulting in improved information accuracy, accessibility, and security.

Since January 2022, RFDS has worked closely with Oracle on the development and implementation of the national unified Aeromedical EHR system. This new system replaces the paper-based record-keeping practices and provides a single source of truth for patient and emergency incident data. With the integration of Oracle Integration Cloud and a network of interconnected application programming interfaces (APIs), RFDS can securely synchronize data across operation centers and with other healthcare providers, such as the Australian Digital Health Agency and hospitals.

The implementation also includes the use of Oracle GoldenGate, allowing field doctors in remote areas to enter and retrieve patient information using a tablet even without an internet connection. Additionally, RFDS utilizes Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) to create dashboards for monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of its assets.

The collaboration between RFDS and Oracle highlights the importance of modern technologies in healthcare organizations, particularly during challenging times, such as the ongoing pandemic. Oracle’s expertise in cloud and database offerings has provided RFDS with powerful tools to support their innovative and digital health modernization journey.

The Royal Flying Doctor Service is a national charitable health organization that delivers primary healthcare and emergency services to rural and remote Australia. They utilize aviation, medical, and communication technologies to reach communities in need.

Oracle is a leading provider of integrated suites of applications and secure, autonomous infrastructure in the Oracle Cloud.

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