24 September 2023

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A Rare Iron Meteorite Reveals Clues about the Early Solar System

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A Rare Iron Meteorite Reveals Clues about the Early Solar System

Scientists have made an exciting discovery studying a rare iron meteorite in detail. This meteorite is the first of its kind for which researchers have been able to calculate its orbit prior to crashing into Earth. The meteorite, weighing 30 pounds (14 kilograms) and measuring 12 inches long (30 centimeters), fell to Earth after a fireball was observed over Sweden in 2020.

Iron meteorites are a minority among space rocks that make it to the Earth’s surface, accounting for only about 2% of them. They are believed to be fragments of molten metallic cores from planetesimals, small bodies that existed around 4.5 billion years ago when the solar system was forming. The study of meteorites like this one provides valuable insights into the early state of the solar system and the elements that ultimately became incorporated into the planets.

The team of astronomers from Ukraine led Irina Belskaya seized the unique opportunity to study this iron meteorite as part of their project on metal-rich asteroids, which are the parent bodies of iron meteorites. The researchers were able to determine the trajectory of the meteorite before it entered Earth’s atmosphere, providing valuable information about the celestial pathways it traveled.

In addition to learning about the meteorite’s journey, the scientists collected data on the conditions and processes that led to its formation. This information could help in understanding how chemical resources are distributed throughout the solar system and may even assist in future space missions that aim to mine metal-rich asteroids.

Calculating the orbit of the meteorite’s parent body also sheds light on the celestial mechanics of the early solar system and the gravitational interactions between celestial bodies. Furthermore, predicting the path of this object could help refine the orbits of other asteroids, with implications for planetary defense.

This rare iron meteorite has opened up a wealth of possibilities for future space science, making it a valuable stepping stone in our quest to explore and understand the solar system.

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