24 September 2023

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Randstad Digital US Recognized as Leader in US IT Contingent and Strategic Solutions

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Randstad Digital US Recognized as Leader in US IT Contingent and Strategic Solutions

Randstad Digital US has been named as a Leader in the US IT Contingent and Strategic Solutions 2023 PEAK Matrix Assessment Everest Group. This recognition solidifies Randstad Digital’s position as a pioneer in the digital transformation sector.

The Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix Assessment is conducted annually to evaluate the capabilities and market impact of service providers and technology across global services. Randstad Digital has been categorized as a Leader, demonstrating its expertise in understanding the talent, clients, and industries it supports.

According to Priyanka Mitra, Vice President of Everest Group, Randstad Digital has a dynamic industry portfolio, extensive skills coverage, and strong learning and upskilling offerings. The organization also showcases advanced internal technology and analytics capabilities, in addition to a strong vision for expanding its market presence in IT consulting and managed services.

Randstad Digital is a leading digital talent enablement organization that specializes in four domains: customer experience, cloud and infrastructure, data and analytics, and digital and product engineering. With its global talent, capacity, and solutions, Randstad Digital assists companies in accelerating and enabling enterprise-level transformations at scale.

Randstad Digital operates under the umbrella of Randstad, the world’s largest talent company. Randstad has a deep understanding of the labor market and helps clients create high-quality, diverse, and agile workforces.

This recognition from Everest Group further establishes Randstad Digital’s expertise and reaffirms its commitment to specialization in meeting the digital enablement needs of multinational companies.

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