26 September 2023

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Spanish Digital Campaign Launched to Aid in Identifying Murder Suspect

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Spanish Digital Campaign Launched to Aid in Identifying Murder Suspect

A family in Harford County is using a digital campaign in Spanish to reach out to the local Latino community in hopes of finding justice for their loved one who was tragically murdered. Rachel Morin, a 37-year-old mother of five, was found dead on August 6, and no arrests have been made in connection with her death.

In an effort to bridge any communication gap that might exist, Morin’s family, with the assistance of their attorneys, placed advertisements with photos of the suspect on various websites targeting Spanish-speaking individuals. The goal is to reach those who might not have access to traditional English-speaking channels or other forms of media.

The Spanish digital campaign will appear on websites viewed in Harford County and Los Angeles, as investigators believe the suspect has connections to both areas. The campaign features a headline asking for help in identifying the individual, along with photos and a video of the suspect. The site also provides information on how to contact authorities with any tips.

The Maryland law firm representing the family expressed their belief that valuable information from within the Hispanic community could aid in identifying the suspect. They assert that language should never be a barrier to justice. Investigators have linked DNA evidence from a crime scene in California to the suspect, despite the video not showing his face. It is believed that the suspect is Latino.

Rachel Morin’s older sister, Rebekah Morin, hopes that this new plan will help bring justice to the family. She believes that the suspect must have connections in the area and is calling on anyone who is able to help to join them at the Ma & Pa Heritage Trail to distribute flyers. Spanish speakers are especially encouraged to participate.

The family is eager for answers, as they currently have no one in custody and are in desperate need of a breakthrough in the case. They are determined to find justice for Rachel and bring closure to their family.

(Source: CBS News)