26 September 2023

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New Spanish-Language Online Campaign Launched to Help Solve Murder Case

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New Spanish-Language Online Campaign Launched to Help Solve Murder Case

A Spanish-language online campaign has been launched in an effort to find the killer of Rachel Morin, a Bel Air resident who was found dead on the Ma & Pa trail in Bel Air on August 6. The law firm representing Morin’s family, Rice, Murtha & Psoras, has initiated the campaign to raise awareness among Hispanic communities in Harford County and Los Angeles, as they believe individuals within these communities may have valuable information that could aid in identifying the suspect.

The firm has started circulating digital ads targeting Spanish-speaking populations in these areas and has created a Spanish-language webpage to provide information about the suspect. The hope is that this campaign will lead to tips that will ultimately solve the case.

The decision to launch the campaign came after the lawyers walked the trail where Morin’s body was found and discovered that Spanish-speakers were less aware of the homicide, which had primarily been covered English-language publications. This prompted them to find a way to reach out to the Hispanic community, ensuring that language should never be a barrier to justice.

The suspect, described as a male Hispanic in his mid-20s, has been linked through a national DNA database to a suspect in a Los Angeles-area burglary and assault in March. In the digital campaign, still photos taken from security footage at the Los Angeles home where the incident occurred are being circulated in both Spanish and English.

The Harford County Sheriff’s Office has been reaching out to Hispanic-owned or frequented businesses, local nonprofits, and churches to share information about the murder and the suspect. They have also gone door-to-door in primarily Hispanic neighborhoods and made a Spanish-language video to promote in Spanish-speaking communities. LASOS, a non-profit organization that provides family literacy services and citizenship classes to non-native English speakers in Harford County, has been assisting in reaching out to the Hispanic community.

The digital campaign is being conducted through the law firm’s existing advertising channels, and social media platforms may be used in the future. Individuals who have any information about the case are encouraged to contact the tip line provided the Harford County Sheriff’s Office.

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