24 September 2023

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PlayStation Announces 10 Games Leaving the Service

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PlayStation Announces 10 Games Leaving the Service

PlayStation has made a surprising announcement for its players: 10 games will be leaving the service this month. This includes one of PlayStation’s most popular exclusive games, Deathloop.

These games will be removed from the PS Plus Extra and Premium subscription service, which allows players to access and play games for free. However, there is a limited time to enjoy these games as they will be leaving the service on September 19, 2023.

Deathloop, released as a PS5 console exclusive, earned rave reviews and an impressive 88 rating on the review aggregate site Metacritic. It was later made available on Xbox Series X|S. It is speculated that Deathloop may have been removed from PS Plus because it is now available on Xbox Game Pass.

Another game leaving the service is Chicory: A Colorful Tale, which was recently added to the Xbox Game Pass library. It appears that PlayStation is making way for new additions removing these titles.

In addition to Deathloop and Chicory, other well-known games leaving this month include the Watch Dogs series and Ghost Recon Wildlands. Players have approximately a month to download and play these games before they are taken off PS Plus.

However, it’s important to note that even if players download these games before the deadline, they will no longer be able to play them after the removal date.

It’s always disappointing when beloved games leave a service, but it also presents an opportunity for new games to take their place. Players can look forward to the arrival of fresh titles on PlayStation in the near future.

1. PS Plus: PlayStation Plus is a subscription service offered Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation consoles. It provides access to online multiplayer, free monthly games, and other exclusive benefits.
2. Xbox Game Pass: Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service offered Microsoft for Xbox consoles and Windows PCs. It provides access to a library of games that can be downloaded and played as long as the subscription is active.

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