4 October 2023

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Pokemon Go Trainer Confused Shiny Mew Turning into Zorua

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Pokemon Go Trainer Confused  Shiny Mew Turning into Zorua

A Pokemon Go trainer recently encountered a confusing situation when a Shiny Mew that they caught unexpectedly transformed into a Zorua. Zorua, a new addition to the popular mobile game, has the ability to transform into the player’s buddy Pokemon. This unique feature has left many players puzzled.

Jessica Blevins, a well-known influencer and wife of Twitch star Ninja, took to Twitter to share her confusion. She posted pictures of the wild Shiny Mew and the subsequent transformation into Zorua. Blevins’s tweet gained significant attention, with over 25k views and numerous replies from other players who had experienced similar situations.

Players explained that Zorua has the ability to take on the appearance of the player’s current buddy Pokemon. This means that even legendary Pokemon can be transformed into Zorua, leading to surprising and sometimes disappointing encounters. Some players expressed frustration or disbelief at the transformation, while others found it amusing.

Despite the confusion caused Zorua’s transforming powers, it seems that this incident is not unique. Other players have also encountered instances where their caught Pokemon unexpectedly turned into Zorua. This suggests that Zorua’s ability to transform is a known feature within the Pokemon Go community.

The incident involving Shiny Mew and its unexpected transformation into Zorua serves as a reminder to trainers that even the rarest and most coveted Pokemon can still surprise them in unexpected ways. It adds an element of unpredictability to the game and keeps players on their toes.

Overall, the confusion caused Zorua’s transforming powers adds a new layer of excitement to the Pokemon Go experience. Trainers never know what their caught Pokemon might turn into, making each encounter unpredictable and unique.

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