23 September 2023

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PlayStation VR2 Gets Two New Games, But Lack Innovation

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PlayStation VR2 Gets Two New Games, But Lack Innovation

For PlayStation VR2 players, the wait for new titles is finally over. Two new games, Firewall Ultra and Crossfire Sierra Squad, have been released, offering different takes on military shooters. However, while these games showcase impressive visuals, they fail to push the boundaries of what VR gaming can be.

Firewall Ultra, a rebuilt version of the popular multiplayer game Firewall: Zero Hour, boasts stunning graphics and realistic environments. It is a squad-based multiplayer game that offers intense tactical shooter gameplay. However, it suffers from glitches and performance issues, which detract from the immersive experience. Crossfire Sierra Squad, on the other hand, presents players with arcade-like shooting galleries in small arenas. Despite its polished visuals, it lacks ambition and fails to offer a unique experience.

These new titles highlight the current pitfalls of the PlayStation VR2 library. The platform seems to be dominated first-person shooters, which becomes repetitive after a while. Games like Pavlov and Zombieland offered some novelty at the start, but subsequent releases have failed to captivate players with innovative gameplay.

The lack of compelling new games, coupled with a focus on visuals over innovation, is a disappointment for those who expect more from VR gaming. Rather than showcasing the unique possibilities of VR, these games merely replicate familiar experiences. As a result, players may quickly lose interest and seek more innovative titles.

Looking ahead, games like The Foglands, Journey to Foundation, and Arizona Sunshine 2 offer hope for more inspired and innovative VR experiences. Until then, the PlayStation VR2 library seems to be lacking the innovation and creativity needed to keep players engaged.

– Firewall Ultra, Crossfire Sierra Squad available for PlayStation VR2