26 September 2023

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Council Rejects Proposal for Digital Advertising Board in Historic Area

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Council Rejects Proposal for Digital Advertising Board in Historic Area

The Westmorland and Furness Council has denied Wexham Homes’ application to replace an existing analogue advertising board with a digital display board in the North Vickerstown Conservation Area. The council argued that the proposed sign would have a negative impact on the character and heritage of the area.

One of the objections raised a neighbor was the constant overnight lighting of the digital board, which they believed would not only disturb wildlife but also cause distractions for drivers. The council’s decision notice stated that the introduction of such an “alien and incongruous feature” would be detrimental to the setting of the listed St Mary’s Church and the overall historic character of the conservation area.

Wexham Homes had highlighted positive benefits of the proposed digital board, such as reducing vehicle trips for reposting adverts and eliminating the need for printed posters, thus reducing waste. The applicant also suggested that the digital display could be used for displaying emergency messages and more relevant local advertising.

However, the council disagreed and emphasized that the digital board would neither enhance nor preserve the heritage of the area. They concluded that it would result in a harmful visual impact instead. The applicant’s heritage impact assessment argued that the replacement would have only a slight and positive impact on the designated and non-designated heritage assets in the vicinity. They believed that the proposed digital advertisement display would bring minimal changes to the existing views of the Conservation Area and near heritage assets.

In the end, the council remained firm in its decision to preserve the character and visual appeal of the North Vickerstown Conservation Area rejecting the proposal for the digital advertising board.


– Analog advertising board: A physical billboard or hoarding that displays static advertisements.
– Digital display board: A board that uses digital technology to display advertisements or messages.
– Conservation Area: A designated area with special architectural or historic interest where specific planning controls are applied to preserve its character and appearance.


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