23 September 2023

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Peter Health Technology Institute Introduces Assessment Framework for Health Technology Solutions

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Peter Health Technology Institute Introduces Assessment Framework for Health Technology Solutions

Peter Health Technology Institute (PHTI) has unveiled its new framework for evaluating the impact of technology solutions on healthcare delivery. Developed in collaboration with the Institute for Clinical and Economic Research (ICER), this framework aims to assess the effectiveness of various digital health solutions in improving health outcomes while lowering costs.

The assessments will focus on a range of technologies, including digital therapeutics, chronic care management apps, remote patient monitoring, and administrative technologies that incorporate artificial intelligence. PHTI’s assessment framework will prioritize evaluating the clinical benefits and economic impact of these technologies, as well as their impact on health equity, privacy, and security.

Caroline Pearson, the executive director of the Peterson Center on Healthcare (PCH), highlighted the need for a systematic approach in evaluating digital health technologies. With the market flooded with numerous claims of transformative healthcare solutions, PHTI’s framework seeks to provide evidence-based assessments that can help guide decision-making payers and providers.

PHTI was established in 2023 with a $50 million commitment from the Peterson Center on Healthcare. The non-profit organization aims to analyze the clinical benefits and economic impact of digital health solutions. The ICER-PHTI Assessment Framework was developed with input from experts in health technology assessment, clinical care delivery, health economics, and patient representatives.

The selection of technologies to be evaluated will be based on criteria such as market relevance, disease burden, level of spending, and the quality and availability of evidence. Companies whose products are chosen for evaluation will have the opportunity to share evidence and information, and PHTI will provide summary ratings indicating whether adoption is supported or if further testing is necessary.

While regulators have made efforts to establish policies for regulating digital health technologies, PHTI executives argue that there is still a lack of clear evidence standards. This misalignment between evidence generated developers and the needs of payers can hinder the adoption of effective technologies. PHTI’s assessment framework seeks to bridge this gap and provide valuable insights for decision-makers in the healthcare industry.

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