23 September 2023

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The Relevance of Books in the Digital Age

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The Relevance of Books in the Digital Age

In an era dominated digital media, a panel of experts will come together to discuss the contemporary relevance of books. Tim O’Connell from Simon & Schuster, Liz Newton from Curiosity & Co., and Kate Lentz from the Rhode Island Center for the Book will present “The Staying Power of Books” at the Jamestown Arts Center. This panel presentation coincides with the exhibition “Book as Muse: Language & Image” which showcases artwork inspired literature and books.

The rapid technological advancements in the digital age have drastically changed how we consume information. However, books still hold a significant place in society. They provide a source of respite, spark controversy, serve as art, and document history. This discussion will delve into the various aspects of books’ relevance in today’s world.

The panelists will explore the power of books to inspire discovery and imagination. They will also touch upon the controversies surrounding books. As experts in the publishing industry, the panelists will discuss the challenges posed Amazon and artificial intelligence. They will also highlight the successes, such as the rise of audiobooks and independent bookstores.

In addition to the panel discussion, attendees will have the opportunity to view the gallery exhibition. The artwork displayed in “Book As Muse” showcases the fusion of language and visual imagery. Ten artists, including Nick Benson, Joan Hall, and Lesley Dill, among others, express their interpretations of literary works and explore the significance of books as unique art forms.

As we navigate the fast-paced digital age, it is crucial to appreciate the role of books in communication. In a time where information is condensed into tweets and memes, this exhibition serves to deepen our appreciation for the written word and visual art’s powerful ability to convey complex ideas.

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