4 October 2023

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Oto and Lindus Health Collaborate on Remote Digital Trial for Tinnitus Therapy

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Oto and Lindus Health Collaborate on Remote Digital Trial for Tinnitus Therapy

A digital health company called Oto is partnering with clinical trial startup Lindus Health to launch a fully remote, digital trial aimed at improving access to tinnitus therapy for patients. The trial will involve 198 adult patients in the UK who will use Oto’s smartphone tinnitus management program, which will be compared to therapist-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in terms of its effectiveness in reducing self-reported tinnitus severity.

If Oto’s digital solution proves to be as effective as one-to-one therapy, it could open the door for cost-effective and patient-focused treatments for tinnitus sufferers. The chief investigator for the trial, Matthew Smith, notes that this remote therapy has the potential to reach a larger number of patients while still providing personalized treatment.

Oto’s digital program utilizes evidence-based CBT techniques and combines the expertise of specialists to improve patient access to therapy and reduce distress related to tinnitus. Lindus Health will handle the entire trial process, including protocol development, data collection and management, recruitment, and monitoring.

Lindus Health’s groundbreaking platform, CitrusClinical, incorporates machine learning and data science to expedite clinical trials. The company claims to be able to complete trials three times faster than the industry standard. The recent £6.5m funding they received will help accelerate their technology.

Michael Young, co-founder of Lindus Health, emphasizes the significance of this trial in helping tinnitus sufferers manage their symptoms. With a fully remote trial, Lindus Health aims to provide access to life-changing coaching to people from all over the UK, three times faster than traditional clinical trials.

Overall, this collaboration between Oto and Lindus Health represents an innovative approach to leveraging digital technology and remote therapy to improve access and treatment outcomes for tinnitus patients.

– Tinnitus: The perception of noise or ringing in the ears.
– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): A type of psychotherapy that helps patients identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors.
– Clinical trial: A research study that tests new treatments or interventions to determine their safety and effectiveness in humans.

– Digital trial aims to increase access to tinnitus therapy. (Source: Unattributed)
– Oto. (Source: Oto)
– Lindus Health. (Source: Lindus Health)