24 September 2023

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Tips and Hints for Solving Connections, the New York Times Puzzle Game

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Tips and Hints for Solving Connections, the New York Times Puzzle Game

Connections is an engaging puzzle game from the New York Times that challenges players to categorize a group of 16 words into four secret groups. The goal is to discover the connections that link the words together and organize them accordingly. Each puzzle resets at midnight, offering a new challenge every day with varying levels of difficulty. Similar to Wordle, players can keep track of their winning streak and compare scores with friends.

To play Connections, you are presented with a grid of 16 words. Your objective is to create four sets of four words each identifying the connections that tie them together. These connections can be based on various concepts such as video game franchises, book series sequels, shades of red, or chain restaurant names.

It’s worth noting that some words may seem to fit multiple themes, but there is only one correct answer. If you’re having trouble identifying the connections, you can shuffle the grid to get a different perspective.

Each group in the grid is color-coded, with yellow being the easiest to figure out followed green, blue, and purple. Once you’ve chosen four words, you can submit your answer. If correct, those words will be removed from the grid, and the connecting theme will be revealed. However, be cautious as each mistake counts against you, and you have a limit of four mistakes before the game ends.

If you need hints for today’s Connections puzzle, here are the four themes: Halloween Decorations, TV Shows, Slot Machine Symbols, and Numbers in Book Titles. Additionally, one word from each group is provided as a hint: Bat for Halloween Decorations, 24 for TV Shows, 7 for Slot Machine Symbols, and 22 for Numbers in Book Titles.

If you’re still unable to solve the puzzle, don’t worry. Some puzzles are intentionally difficult. The answers for today’s Connections are as follows:

Halloween Decorations: Bat, Cobweb, Pumpkin, Tombstone
TV Shows: 24, Bones, Firefly, Weeds
Slot Machine Symbols: 7, Bar, Bell, Cherry
Numbers in Book Titles: 22, 451, 2001, 20,000

Remember, the grids in Connections vary widely and change every day. If you didn’t solve today’s puzzle, be sure to try again tomorrow. Test your skills and enjoy the challenge of Connections!

– New York Times (no URL provided)