4 October 2023

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The NSW Department of Customer Service Receives Funding for Cyber Security and Digital Restart Fund

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The NSW Department of Customer Service Receives Funding for Cyber Security and Digital Restart Fund

The NSW Department of Customer Service is set to receive $80 million in funding for cyber security and $66 million for its digital restart fund. This injection of funds is aimed at addressing the areas that were in need of financial support. The government noted that the allocated money is for programs that would otherwise remain unfunded.

The budget papers reveal that an additional $232.5 million has been allocated to Service NSW through to 2026-27. This is intended to ensure the continuation of critical services and to meet projected demand for years to come. Moreover, the Department of Customer Service and Service NSW will receive a cash injection of $80 million to support essential cyber security activities. This funding is close to the estimated shortfall that Cyber Security NSW, the state’s whole-of-government cyber security office, was facing earlier this year.

The budget also earmarks $66 million for the digital restart fund, which has previously supported large-scale digital transformation initiatives in the state. This fund required additional funding as its reserves were depleting.

Emergency communications services also received attention in the budget. The NSW Telco Authority will receive $11.3 million to invest in four new broadband cell on wheels (COWs). These mobile base stations on wheels can be deployed to disaster areas to provide internet and mobile phone coverage during and after emergencies, ensuring that affected individuals can stay connected. Additionally, the Rural Fire Service will receive the same amount to implement fit-for-purpose vehicle-as-a-node (VAAN) technology, enhancing communication and operational efficiency. Furthermore, the NSW Police is set to receive $27 million to enhance critical police radio communication capabilities across various regions in the state.

Transport for NSW will be given $15.8 million to invest in the Public Transport Information and Priority System, aimed at improving real-time bus tracking for passengers. This investment will address issues such as ‘ghost buses’ and enhance the reliability and confidence of passengers using the public transport system.

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